Mirage OC6


Hamilton Island Cup. There were 8 Mirages entered in a fleet of 96 canoes and Mirage canoes filled the first 4 places. There are now more than 120 Mirages raced in Australia and is the choice of canoe for all conditions.

The rest is history, the Mirage is now paddled in more countries around the world than any other canoe. In 2004 it was the canoe chosen to be used at the World Sprint Titles in Hawaii.

As well as it’s hull design allowing the canoe to take advantage of any bump or swell a unique innovation of the Mirage is its integrated canvas track in the canoe’s gunnel, eliminating any fasteners and possibility of injuries during water changes.

The Mirage was designed to be a downwind surfing machine and there aren’t many canoes that are it’s equal in these conditions, but it also performs excellently in flat conditions. Several tests have been done and the Mirage always came in ahead of the leading brands of OC6 canoes, up to 2 seconds faster doing sprint turns.

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Length: 13.71m (45ft)
Loaded waterline: 11.48m (37ft 8in)
Weight: 130kg (286lb)
AOCRA approved and registered.


• Integrated covers track
• Snap on covers system on front and rear manu
• Positive buoyancy
• Includes 1 or 2 colour design


Puffy Ama
Iakos, one pair
Custom colours & graphics
Rigging Ratchets


• Lightweight Mirage OC 130kg – $18,000

• Lightweight Ama – $2,750

• Iakos aluminium x 2 – $990

• Iakos wood x 2 – $990 (replacement only)

• Covers $2,125

• Hoops $550

• Complete Package – $24,000 (discount of $415)


Free Canoe Graphics and Signage Design Service

If you’d like some help designing a special paint job for your new Mirage, let us help. As a FREE service we’ll help you design a special customized paint job and sign writing layout if you want to pitch to a new potential sponsor. For more info see the “Free Canoe Graphics” page.

 The “Quick Rig” Mirage

IMG_1692The latest 130kg Mirages now come with a “Quick Rig” option, aluminium iakos with screw in fittings into both the ama and the hull.

And how’s this for versatile, you can still rig these Mirages with your traditional timber iakos and amas! Now you can turn up to races with your Mirage, slip on your 1 piece spray cover in 2 minutes, slot in your iakos and ama and be on the water in under 5 minutes!

2 & 3 piece Mirages

Also check out our 2& 3 piece Mirage OC6s for easy storage and shipping. Just click on the photo for more info.

3 piece Mirage in separate pieces


Folding Mirages

We also have folding Mirages, great for safe and easy transporting.  Just click on the photo for more info.

Folding Mirage OC6




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