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The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 3

Chapter 3 – ’95 1995 – The year of the Arrow. One man canoes start to evolve as the sport progresses in Hawaii. Narrower designs, but still maintaining the flat high seat. With the Arrow Karel made the first lightweight OC1 using epoxy and graphite vacuum bagged construction. Jim and John Foti are the first team […]

Mandurah Classic

Here is a quick movie of The Mandurah Classic Ocean Paddle, a 14km downhill run from the Dawseville Cut to Seashells Resort in Mandurah. 105 paddlers, ocean skis, surf skis, plastics, kayaks, outrigger canoes. SW wind at 15 knots and a 1m swell… downhill fun! The presentation and BBQ was by the pool overlooking the […]

OC1s & OC2s For Perth

For all you Sandgropers, if you’ve been thinking about updating or getting a new OC1 or OC2 here is your big chance. There is a container arriving in Perth from Hong Kong in December and if you get your order in before the end of November you can get a brand new canoe for same […]


Outrigger canoes is what we are all about. Here you’ll find all the information about Outrigger Connection’s products, accessories and other services we offer. Using the blog part of the site I will be making postings on anything and everything to do with outrigger canoeing, paddling in the ocean or anything I can share with […]

Tips for caring for your OC1 & OC2 canoes

By adopting the following practices, you will ensure your OC1 or OC2 is always in great condition and performing to it’s fullest potential. You will also have a canoe that will last longer, look better and (when the time comes to upgrade) will have a greater resale value. • Please note. A blocked breather tube can […]