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Folding Mirage OC6

I can’t say it’s not a Mirage because it is, it’s a folding Mirage! With the legality issues of OC6 trailers here in Australia a hot topic at the moment Peter and I put our heads together to see what we could come up with. With our previous experience in 2 & 3 piece Mirage […]


Outrigger canoes is what we are all about. Here you’ll find all the information about Outrigger Connection’s products, accessories and other services we offer. Using the blog part of the site I will be making postings on anything and everything to do with outrigger canoeing, paddling in the ocean or anything I can share with […]

A Chocolate Mirage?

I get a real kick out of doing these. This Mirage was done for a club pitching a sponsorship deal to Cadbury Chocolates, unfortunetley it didn’t come off because I would have loved to seen this paddling around, it looks so cool. I even designed it with the Cadbury logo embossed into the brown gelcoat […]

How the Mirage Came to Australia

Karel Tresnak and I were having a quiet beer a couple of years ago after the Hammo Cup and he said to me “Colin I’m going to give you a canoe” I thought cool Karel is giving me an OC1, but why? As he carried on I soon realised he meant an OC6 and not […]