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The History of Outrigger Connection’s OC1 designs – Part 8

Chapter 8 – 2001 In 2001 the Mantra continues to be successful with another record breaking win of the Molokai Solo (Junior’s third in a row) and a second place finish in the Molokai Relay Karel Junior with Nate Hendrix lose by only a 3 inch margin. We also designed our new one man canoe […]


Chapter 7 – 2000 The MANTRA was a high volume canoe with the first ever foam stationary seat and an optional sliding seat. Its new ama was designed for the Mantra specifically in order to fit its high volume, and the foot well drain holes are moved underneath the foot wells with the venturi like […]

The History of Outrigger Connection OC1 Designs – 6

Chapter 6 – 1999 The Viper evolves into the Viper XL with the cockpit radically moved 6 inches forward for better surfing ability. The team grows with the sponsorship of Simple green to: Walter Guild, Karel Junior, Kai Bartlett and Mike Judd. A special, super strong, Simple Green colors Viper XL is built for one […]

The History of Outrigger Connection OC1 Designs – 5

Chapter 5 – 1998 The VIPER is the brand new shape and design. It had a wedge like nose entry and new deck, a splash guard and newly shaped ama were the biggest new features of the Viper. Jim and John Foti win the Molokai Relay race and Mark Rigg wins the Molokai Solo race […]

The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 4

Chapter 4 – ‘96-’97 1996 was a big year for firsts in OC1 design by Karel and Outrigger Connection. In 1996 the Arrow 2 and Thunder are the first OC1s to have a radical lower sliding track seats. These OC1 also have the first ever iakos that enter vertically into the ama for easy adjustment […]

The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 3

Chapter 3 – ’95 1995 – The year of the Arrow. One man canoes start to evolve as the sport progresses in Hawaii. Narrower designs, but still maintaining the flat high seat. With the Arrow Karel made the first lightweight OC1 using epoxy and graphite vacuum bagged construction. Jim and John Foti are the first team […]

The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 2

Chapter 2: 90 – 94 The early 90’s was Karel Snr’s first introduction to outrigger canoes. In the early 90’s Karel Snr was the upper division coach of the Lanikai Canoe Club’s mens crew and was the first coach to incorporate one man canoes into the training program and the first to start using one […]

The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 1

Chapter 1 – The 60’s, 70’s & 80’s Karel Tresnak Snr was originally from Czechoslovakia where he was a 2 time White Water World Champion and competed in the 1972 Munich Olympics. Karel and his team mates formed a company TGT and made their own canoes. In the 80’s Karel immigrated with his family to […]


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