Lightweight Mirage Price


With the new minimum weight for OC6 canoes in Australia reduced to 130kg I am happy to announce that Outrigger Connection Australia is now producing new Mirage canoes using new and exotic material to get the weight down without sacrificing any strength and most importantly not increasing the price.

Our new lightweight Mirages hulls will stay at the same price of $13,780.

Because the ruling states that new weight doesn’t come into effect until 2013 we can fit the required extra weight into the hulls in the way of lead for an extra $350.

If you already have an existing Mirage in your club the cheapest way to get your paddlers on the water in a lightweight Mirage is to just purchase the new lightweight hull only and you can use the iakos, ama, covers and hoops of your existing Mirage.

We have already made 3 lightweight Mirages with more orders and enquiries coming in fast. If you want some more information about ordering a new lightweight Mirage please contact me.

The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 4

Chapter 4 – ‘96-’97

1996 was a big year for firsts in OC1 design by Karel and Outrigger Connection.
In 1996 the Arrow 2 and Thunder are the first OC1s to have a radical lower sliding track seats.

Thunder Molded Seat

Sliding moulded seat on the Thunder

These OC1 also have the first ever iakos that enter vertically into the ama for easy adjustment and wave clearance. Another first, were the complete graphite, bladder molded, composite carbon iakos. First, asymmetric exit of the iako from the canoe deck resulting in better clearance for the iako and more comfort for the paddler.

Arrow 2 Iako assembly

Vertical iako entry into ama

Arrow 2 Carbon Iakos

Carbon iakos on the Arrow 2

The Thunder has more volume than the Arrow2 and has the first sliding foam seat. Central foot well drain first appears on Arrow 2. Jim and John Foti win the Molokai relay again, this time on the Thunder.

Arrow 2 Foam Seat

Sliding foam seat

1997 – The Thunder continues its victories with Jim and John Foti winning the Molokai relay. Outrigger Connection added new team riders, Courtney Seto and Todd Bradley. Several canoes were built for the first time ever using honeycomb core and full graphite construction.

Thunder Beach

The Thunder OC1 1995

A Visit to the Doctor

It’s definitely summer in Western Australia because every afternoon a sea breeze blows in off the sea at 20-25 knots. The breeze is called The Fremantle Doctor. This is a short movie of myself and Mark having some fun one afternoon this week. You always feel better after a visit to The Doctor!

The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 3

Chapter 3 – ’95

1995 – The year of the Arrow. One man canoes start to evolve as the sport progresses in Hawaii. Narrower designs, but still maintaining the flat high seat. With the Arrow Karel made the first lightweight OC1 using epoxy and graphite vacuum bagged construction.

Arrow Shop

The Arrow OC1 at Karel's shop

Jim and John Foti are the first team riders for Outrigger Connection and give Outrigger Connection it’s first win in the Molokai Relay. One man outriggers are now getting popular in Hawaii and Outrigger Connection is experiencing its first back log with our orders.

Arrow Jim John

OC Team Riders Jim & John Foti

R&D on a new canoe ARROW 2 begins. Custom made colours and fabric inserts and graphite pedals are introduced for the first time. Karel’s association with Black Bart paddles leads to an introduction of full graphite carbon paddles for outriggers.

Arrow Rasta Beach

The "Rasta" coloured Arrow OC1

Patagonia Xmas Stock Clearance

patagoniaLSislandMpatagoniawssWe have lots of odd sizes and extras left over from orders so we are having a stock clearance and getting rid of the shirts at really good prices.
T-shirts normally $45 now only $20 each.
Long Sleeves normally $50, now only $35 each.

Great for Christmas Presents!!!

Here is the list of shirt sizes and colours available:

Delivery add $7.50 for 1 shirt or $10 for 2 or more shirts

Mens t-shirts – $20 each
Papaya – L x1 SOLD

Mens long sleeve – $35 each
White – XXL x1
Lemongrass – XL x1 SOLD , XXL x3, 3XL x1
Mandarin – XXL x 1 SOLD, XXL x1, 3XL x1

Mens sleeveless – $20 each
White – M x3, L x1

Island motiv long sleeve – $40 each
Papaya/crimson – S x10
White/crimson – XL x1

Womens flower design – $35
Yellow long sleeve – S x1
Green long sleeve – S x1
Blue t-shirt – S x1, XL x1

Womens t-shirts – $20 each
White – M x3, L x2 SOLD
Marina – S x2
Royal blue – M x3, L x1 SOLD

Womens long sleeve – $35 each
White – XS x1, M x1, L x1, XL x1 SOLD
Royal blue – XS x1, L x1 SOLD

Womens tanks – $20 each
White – S x3, M x6, L x7
Royal blue – M x2

For ordering and bank account details visit the Ordering & Contact page



The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 2

Chapter 2: 90 – 94

The early 90’s was Karel Snr’s first introduction to outrigger canoes. In the early 90’s Karel Snr was the upper division coach of the Lanikai Canoe Club’s mens crew and was the first coach to incorporate one man canoes into the training program and the first to start using one man outriggers for selecting OC6 crews.

1993 – Outrigger Connections first outrigger was built from the original Tahitian design brought to Hawaii by Paul Gay and Gail Berenguy. Outrigger 27 first custom made two man outrigger, made from the Outrigger 27 was built. The iakos were laminated wood, the custom built deck had single foot well and the adjustments on the ama were done on the threaded rod attached to the iakos.

Kalani Irvine on the Outrigger 27

Kalani Irvine on the Outrigger 27

A young Milan and Karel Jnr on the first OC2, a customised Outrigger 27

A young Milan and Karel Jnr on the first OC2, a customised Outrigger 27

1994 – The Cuda 21 was designed to substitute OC6 training with individual exercise. The Cuda had a high flat seat to emulate the same height as in the OC6. The Cuda was the first OC1 in Hawaii to be built with aluminum iakos and also using epoxy and carbon and kevlar. Karel’s involvement with the Lanikai Canoe Club determined the clubs colours on the canoes of the sponsored paddlers.

The Lanikai Men's Crew training on Cudas

The Lanikai Men's Crew training on Cudas

Karel Snr and the Cuda 21

Karel Snr and the Cuda 21

Cuda 21s heading out for training

Cuda 21s heading out for training

In the next chapter we will look at the Arrow OC1 as One Man designs begin to evolve as the sport takes off in Hawaii.

Mandurah Classic

Here is a quick movie of The Mandurah Classic Ocean Paddle, a 14km downhill run from the Dawseville Cut to Seashells Resort in Mandurah. 105 paddlers, ocean skis, surf skis, plastics, kayaks, outrigger canoes. SW wind at 15 knots and a 1m swell… downhill fun!

The presentation and BBQ was by the pool overlooking the Beach at Seashells Resort… very nice.

It’s no Rambo spectacular but I hope you enjoy it.

Huli Drill

I just came across this great huli drill on YouTube posted by the Oceanside OCC. It’s very good and a handy reminder as we go into our OC6 season.

Flying the Ama Mirage Style

I dug up this footage (apologies for the quality) of Karel Jr and the boys playing and flying the ama in Hawaii in a lightweight Mirage. Looks like heaps of fun and a bit tricky!

Great OC1 Surfing Spots

Does anyone have any favourite OC1 surfing spots? The best one I’ve come across so far is a sandbar break just off the estuary mouth in Mandurah Western Australia. It’s long and it’s clean, the ride is up to 500m long and you can sit on the one wave for over 1min 30sec. Here is some footage of the break. Where is your favourite spot?