OC4 Surfing Video

I just dug up this old footage of an OC4 surfing session I had with Todd Bradley , Chris Miller and Peter Corbishley at Makaha Beach. It was an awesome day, we just kept padding out and surfing back in for 2 hours. It was heaven on a stick!


As you all know we are now making lightweight Mirages, weighted up to 155kg of course! But did you know you can start racing lightweight now before the 2013 rule change and still be totally legal? Yes it’s true, you can put a set of our lightweight iakos, Puffy Ama and lightweight covers off our lightweight Mirage package onto one of your existing Mirages and save 10kg off the overall weight. And it’s totally legal!!!

This will also save you money, because when the rule change comes into effect in 2013 your club wont have to find all the funds to buy a whole new light weight racing OC6 rig, you will only need to buy the Lightweight Mirage Hull for $13,780 and drop your lightweight rig onto it and be ready race!

The History of Outrigger Connection OC1 Designs – 6

Chapter 6 – 1999

The Viper evolves into the Viper XL with the cockpit radically moved 6 inches forward for better surfing ability. The team grows with the sponsorship of Simple green to: Walter Guild, Karel Junior, Kai Bartlett and Mike Judd. A special, super strong, Simple Green colors Viper XL is built for one picture ONLY, in big wave surfing, conditions permitting, sometime, somewhere???

Karel Junior wins his first Molokai Solo race on Viper XL, beating three time defending champion Mark Rigg who started to paddle for Tiger Canoes & Kayaks.

OC designing team just finished our OC2 VIPER DUO. Pat Von and Greg Edwards became sponsored two man riders. Andy Penny and Kai Bartlett win Catalina Relay race on the Gator. Gator is the most popular OC1 in California and is licensed to be built in CA by Canoe Sports. Junior and Todd Bradley travel down to New Zealand to the Bay of Islands race. Junior wins the race on the two piece Gator .


Check out this beautiful and humble movie about one mans determination to re- connect with the ocean.

One man’s struggle to transcend. This humble film is about a friend of the film maker named Michael and his daily ritual to find his natural self through surfing. Directed by Sean Mullens Cinematography by Sean Mullens Music by The Album Leaf – Into the Blue Again – Broken Arrow Sub Pop Records 2006


BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

Face Book Competition Finishing Soon

Getting some great pics of Mirage canoes in action on the Outrigger Connection Facebook page. If you haven’t posted yours yet, hurry up only a few days left to win a Patagonia paddling top.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Outrigger … 3762962422



Kelly Slatter films himself hitting an outrigger

Outrigger Connection Aust. Facebook Page

Check out the new Outrigger Connection Australia Facebook page. I’ll be using it hold competitions, load photos, videos and keep fans up to date with all thing outrigging. To kick if off, the first competition will win you a Patagonia racing top for posting your favourite Mirage action photo onto the Facebook site. Here is the link.




The History of Outrigger Connection OC1 Designs – 5

Chapter 5 – 1998

Mark Rigg on the Viper

The VIPER is the brand new shape and design. It had a wedge like nose entry and new deck, a splash guard and newly shaped ama were the biggest new features of the Viper.

Jim and John Foti win the Molokia OC1 Relay in 1998

Jim and John Foti win the Molokai Relay race and Mark Rigg wins the Molokai Solo race on the new VIPER XL.

A very young Jr on a Thunder at Hammo in '98

Junior paddles a Thunder’s in Hamilton Island Cup.

Mike Judd on the Gator

There was also the GATOR designed for flat water performance and Walter Guild and Mike Judd won Catalina Relay race on a GATOR. Outrigger Connection were starting to build super light Gators, full double carbon clear finish construction and custom colors.

Kai Bartlett joins the Team Riders of Outrigger Connections

The team of sponsored riders grows with new members, Kai Bartlett and Andy Penny joining the team. The reason for designing the flat water canoe was to offer paddlers a choice, similar like a quiver of surfboards and Outrigger Connection was now offering a quiver in OC1s.

Jr on the Gator

Lightweight Mirage in Action

Here is some great video footage of a lightweight Mirage in action being paddled in Hawaii. The narration is by Walter Guild the designer of the Classic and Force 5 OC6s.

If you want some more info on the new lightweight Mirage or would like to place an order please contact me.

How to take 12kg of your Mirage and stay legal.


If you would like to lighten your Mirage up now and not wait for the 2013 rule change but don’t want to go to the expense of buying a whole new lightweight Mirage here are a couple of options you can try.

New lightwight Puffy Ama – We are now building carbon/kevlar vacuum bagged Puffy amas that will save you 6kg – Price $2,290

Lightweight iakos – A new set of lightweight reinforced iakos will save you 2kg – Price $890

Lightweight racing covers – These shower proof lightweight covers will also save 2kg – Price $1670

That’s a total saving of 12kg off a standard rigged OC6.

Now combine these lightweight accessories with a new lightweight Mirage of 130kg and you have a combined weight saving of 37kg over a standard rigged OC6.

If you want some more information about how to lighten your existing Mirage or order these new accessories please contact me.