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Quick Rig Mirage

The “Quick Rig” Mirage. The latest 130kg Mirages now come with a “Quick Rig” option, aluminium iakos with screw in fittings into both the ama and the hull. And how’s this for versatile, you can still rig these Mirages with your traditional timber iakos and amas! Now you can turn up to races with your […]

Super lightweight 72kg M2 launched

Eight years ago, Outrigger Connection in Hawaii constructed eight concept Mirages of composite hybrid constuction that weighed in at a record breaking 90kg! (200lbs!) That was eight years ago… …fast forward to present. 2010, Outrigger Connection is now introducing “VOSA.” An “M2 Mirage.” Extremely hybrid layup of natural composite tech weighing in at 72kg!!! (160lb!!!) […]

Arafura Canoe Blessing Video

The Arafura Outrigger Canoe Club recently took delivery of their two new beautiful lightweight Mirages and held a beautiful blessing ceremony for them in Darwin. It’s great to see such respect and tradition for the canoe is so strong up in the top end. Here is the video they put together of the ceremony, lookout […]


As you all know we are now making lightweight Mirages, weighted up to 155kg of course! But did you know you can start racing lightweight now before the 2013 rule change and still be totally legal? Yes it’s true, you can put a set of our lightweight iakos, Puffy Ama and lightweight covers off our […]

Lightweight Mirage in Action

Here is some great video footage of a lightweight Mirage in action being paddled in Hawaii. The narration is by Walter Guild the designer of the Classic and Force 5 OC6s. If you want some more info on the new lightweight Mirage or would like to place an order please contact me.

How to take 12kg of your Mirage and stay legal.

If you would like to lighten your Mirage up now and not wait for the 2013 rule change but don’t want to go to the expense of buying a whole new lightweight Mirage here are a couple of options you can try. New lightwight Puffy Ama – We are now building carbon/kevlar vacuum bagged Puffy […]

Lightweight Mirage Price

With the new minimum weight for OC6 canoes in Australia reduced to 130kg I am happy to announce that Outrigger Connection Australia is now producing new Mirage canoes using new and exotic material to get the weight down without sacrificing any strength and most importantly not increasing the price. Our new lightweight Mirages hulls will […]