The History of Outrigger Connection’s OC1 designs – Part 8

Chapter 8 – 2001

In 2001 the Mantra continues to be successful with another record breaking win of the Molokai Solo (Junior’s third in a row) and a second place finish in the Molokai Relay Karel Junior with Nate Hendrix lose by only a 3 inch margin.

Outrigger Connection Axis OC1

Megan Clark on the Axis

We also designed our new one man canoe called AXIS. The new radical design followed some distinguished lines of our new MIRAGE OC6 canoe. The IAKOS were not perpendicular to the boat, but left the boat under an angle from front to the rear to make more space for the paddlers reach. Also, a new seat was designed filling the specifically designed space in the deck but following the deck shape. The Axis was quite successful with Megan Clark winning the entire Poai Puni series here in Hawaii. But, generally the Axis wasn’t accepted as well as we expected. So, back to the drawing board and the work on the Stingray is about to begin.

Maui Kjeldsen on the Stingray

Work on the new radical hull shape had started. The three chine, V shaped hull becomes a reality on our new OC1 STINGRAY. A new, retractable leash and a new seat are designed for the STINGRAY.

Outrigger Connection Stingray OC1 Walter Guild

Walter Guild on the Stingray

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