The History of Outrigger Connection OC1 Designs – 6

Chapter 6 – 1999

The Viper evolves into the Viper XL with the cockpit radically moved 6 inches forward for better surfing ability. The team grows with the sponsorship of Simple green to: Walter Guild, Karel Junior, Kai Bartlett and Mike Judd. A special, super strong, Simple Green colors Viper XL is built for one picture ONLY, in big wave surfing, conditions permitting, sometime, somewhere???

OC designing team just finished our OC2 VIPER DUO. Pat Von and Greg Edwards became sponsored two man riders. Andy Penny and Kai Bartlett win Catalina Relay race on the Gator. Gator is the most popular OC1 in California and is licensed to be built in CA by Canoe Sports. Junior and Todd Bradley travel down to New Zealand to the Bay of Islands race. Junior wins the race on the two piece Gator .

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  1. rambo says:

    And that 2 piece bolt together Gator of Karels is in Mooloolaba ORCC’s shed still today. I used to borrow it before i bought my first Oc1 and in it’s day, it was a pretty cool canoe, did my very first Moffat’s Run in the Gator, blue grey it was. Not allowed to add to my collection of OC1’s anymore or it would be home at my place. Mrs Rambo drew the line at 3. waahhhhh,,, boo hoo…. and one other she doesn’t know about …hehe


  2. Barts says:

    I think Karel has left a couple of his 2 piece OC1s here over the years hasn’t he Rambo? Barts

  3. clarkie says:

    At Inland we have one of his two piece canoes, a Stingray, Stansy picked it up from a guy in Canberra. Now owned by another Inlander!

  4. Barts says:

    Hey Clarkie are starting up a collection of 2 piece outriggers?

  5. rambo says:

    Yeah Bart’s just about one of all the earlier models Jr left here. The Gator he sold to Ronnie Grabbe, but too small for The Ron. And Thor (Qld) had one of the 2 piece StingRays now in Vic i think via Canberra, probably the one Stansy has now. I think Kenny Powell had one too but that could have been sold to Thor.

    Bloody canoes have a good life eh.


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