The History of Outrigger Connection OC1 Designs – 5

Chapter 5 – 1998

Mark Rigg on the Viper

The VIPER is the brand new shape and design. It had a wedge like nose entry and new deck, a splash guard and newly shaped ama were the biggest new features of the Viper.

Jim and John Foti win the Molokia OC1 Relay in 1998

Jim and John Foti win the Molokai Relay race and Mark Rigg wins the Molokai Solo race on the new VIPER XL.

A very young Jr on a Thunder at Hammo in '98

Junior paddles a Thunder’s in Hamilton Island Cup.

Mike Judd on the Gator

There was also the GATOR designed for flat water performance and Walter Guild and Mike Judd won Catalina Relay race on a GATOR. Outrigger Connection were starting to build super light Gators, full double carbon clear finish construction and custom colors.

Kai Bartlett joins the Team Riders of Outrigger Connections

The team of sponsored riders grows with new members, Kai Bartlett and Andy Penny joining the team. The reason for designing the flat water canoe was to offer paddlers a choice, similar like a quiver of surfboards and Outrigger Connection was now offering a quiver in OC1s.

Jr on the Gator

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