Lightweight Mirage Price


With the new minimum weight for OC6 canoes in Australia reduced to 130kg I am happy to announce that Outrigger Connection Australia is now producing new Mirage canoes using new and exotic material to get the weight down without sacrificing any strength and most importantly not increasing the price.

Our new lightweight Mirages hulls will stay at the same price of $13,780.

Because the ruling states that new weight doesn’t come into effect until 2013 we can fit the required extra weight into the hulls in the way of lead for an extra $350.

If you already have an existing Mirage in your club the cheapest way to get your paddlers on the water in a lightweight Mirage is to just purchase the new lightweight hull only and you can use the iakos, ama, covers and hoops of your existing Mirage.

We have already made 3 lightweight Mirages with more orders and enquiries coming in fast. If you want some more information about ordering a new lightweight Mirage please contact me.

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