The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 4

Chapter 4 – ‘96-’97

1996 was a big year for firsts in OC1 design by Karel and Outrigger Connection.
In 1996 the Arrow 2 and Thunder are the first OC1s to have a radical lower sliding track seats.

Thunder Molded Seat

Sliding moulded seat on the Thunder

These OC1 also have the first ever iakos that enter vertically into the ama for easy adjustment and wave clearance. Another first, were the complete graphite, bladder molded, composite carbon iakos. First, asymmetric exit of the iako from the canoe deck resulting in better clearance for the iako and more comfort for the paddler.

Arrow 2 Iako assembly

Vertical iako entry into ama

Arrow 2 Carbon Iakos

Carbon iakos on the Arrow 2

The Thunder has more volume than the Arrow2 and has the first sliding foam seat. Central foot well drain first appears on Arrow 2. Jim and John Foti win the Molokai relay again, this time on the Thunder.

Arrow 2 Foam Seat

Sliding foam seat

1997 – The Thunder continues its victories with Jim and John Foti winning the Molokai relay. Outrigger Connection added new team riders, Courtney Seto and Todd Bradley. Several canoes were built for the first time ever using honeycomb core and full graphite construction.

Thunder Beach

The Thunder OC1 1995

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