The History of Outrigger Connections OC1 Designs – 3

Chapter 3 – ’95

1995 – The year of the Arrow. One man canoes start to evolve as the sport progresses in Hawaii. Narrower designs, but still maintaining the flat high seat. With the Arrow Karel made the first lightweight OC1 using epoxy and graphite vacuum bagged construction.

Arrow Shop

The Arrow OC1 at Karel's shop

Jim and John Foti are the first team riders for Outrigger Connection and give Outrigger Connection it’s first win in the Molokai Relay. One man outriggers are now getting popular in Hawaii and Outrigger Connection is experiencing its first back log with our orders.

Arrow Jim John

OC Team Riders Jim & John Foti

R&D on a new canoe ARROW 2 begins. Custom made colours and fabric inserts and graphite pedals are introduced for the first time. Karel’s association with Black Bart paddles leads to an introduction of full graphite carbon paddles for outriggers.

Arrow Rasta Beach

The "Rasta" coloured Arrow OC1

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