Mandurah Classic

Here is a quick movie of The Mandurah Classic Ocean Paddle, a 14km downhill run from the Dawseville Cut to Seashells Resort in Mandurah. 105 paddlers, ocean skis, surf skis, plastics, kayaks, outrigger canoes. SW wind at 15 knots and a 1m swell… downhill fun!

The presentation and BBQ was by the pool overlooking the Beach at Seashells Resort… very nice.

It’s no Rambo spectacular but I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Graham McMahon says:

    V good – I think I saw a glimpse of my fat, slow Affinity somewhere at the back. If you are interested I have plotted the actual course taken by me – complete with left/right deviations. My phone has GPS tracking software that lets you upload to Google Earth. You can see the route at

  2. Mark Hardie says:

    Apologies for the number of photos of the Dad in the blue shirt. It was his 11 year old daughter taking the photos from the boat !! She also knows the man in the sea kayak with the orange hat. She was finding it a lot easier to take photos at the back of the pack !

  3. great post 🙂 I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more articles 😀

  4. Barts says:

    Thanks Dana, I’ll try to keep them coming. Cheers Col.

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