Tips on caring for your Mirage

By adopting the following practices, you will ensure your Mirage canoe is always in great condition and performing to it’s fullest potential.

You will also have a canoe that will last longer, look better and when the time comes to sell it will have a greater resale value.

    • Fibreglass requires up to 2 weeks to “cure” fully (that is, to achieve it’s maximum strength). Ideally then, you should continue to paddle your old canoe for 1-2 weeks after receipt of your new Mirage. And avoid if at all possible, paddling a new canoe in big seas for this period.

    • Prior to use, make sure that the bungs are in place in both the front and rear bulkheads. Also check that the small breather holes at the top of each bulkhead near where it joins the deck are both clear. ie. you can blow air through each. This also applies to your Puffy ama.

    • Please note. Blocked breather holes can cause damage to your canoe as the air inside your bulkhead expands and contacts with changes in temperature.

    • Wash the canoe down with fresh water after use.

    • Store your Mirage out of direct sunlight wherever possible. Protective storage covers are available from us.

    • Should you hole or damage your canoe wash it out with fresh water immediately and contact us. We will probably ask you to take some digital photos of the damage and email to us first before instructing you on how to go about getting the canoe repaired.

    • When transporting your Mirage we suggest flat tie downs (or straps) as opposed to rope. When tying down an OC6 to a trailer it is advisable to only tie the canoe down using the rigging holes at the wa’as. If the canoe is tied down at the nose and tail as well, any flex or movement in the trailer can be transferred through the canoe damaging it in the long term.

    • Give your Mirage a polish every 12 months with a marine grade fibreglass or gelcoat polish. This will protect your canoe and maintain it’s racing performance.

    • Every 12 months we recommend you inspect you iakos for wear and tear and give them a light sand and a coat of two pack varnish.

If you’ve got any more tips on caring for your OC6 please post them here, we’d love to hear them and share them with everyone.

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