A Chocolate Mirage?


I get a real kick out of doing these. This Mirage was done for a club pitching a sponsorship deal to Cadbury Chocolates, unfortunetley it didn’t come off because I would have loved to seen this paddling around, it looks so cool. I even designed it with the Cadbury logo embossed into the brown gelcoat chocolate nose of the canoe and ama.


The rest of the canoe, the wrapping, was going to be done in purple gelcoat and the white parts in vinyl lettering and the silver foil was going to done using special reflective silver vinyl. The effect was to make the canoe look like a it was a big chocolate bar with the wrapping being torn off.

If you want to check out some other canoe designs visit the “Free Canoe Graphics” page. I really enjoy coming up with these designs and is something I do for free to help clubs get a sponsorship proposal over the line. But as with the chocolate Mirage sometimes they don’t make it onto the water and sometimes they do. If you’ve got a good idea for a canoe design let me know, post your idea/comment here.

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  1. This is truly so cool. Thankyou for putting this out there.

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